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Istikhara method

When to do Istikhara method?

Istikhara method is done in such situations when in your life you have to do some important work and you cannot decide that what you are going to do will be beneficial for you or not then you pray before Allah to guide you. When you do this method then you seek guidance and the permission of Allah to do that work. Allah give you consent in your dream or by giving you some clue in day to day life happenings. He will let you know that whether you can do that work or not if it will be beneficial for you then he will allow you otherwise he will stop you. This method can only be done for the Halal tasks and purposes. By doing this method you can be able to take best and perfect for your work. By using Istikhara method you can also avoid the loses and unwanted circumstances that can rise after doing that work.

Can i learn about business also by doing Istikhara method?

When a person invests huge money and handwork to start a new business then there is some risk and by doing Istikhara method you can take permission of Allah and can know about the future of your business that it will be beneficial for you or not. By doing this method Allah will also guide that what kind of Business will be suitable for you. This method is very much used by the people for different purposes. By doing this method you can handle all types of problems related to different fields of life. This method has all the powers to solve the problems very fast. If your business is not going in good terms and you are not earning much profit from your business then also you can perform this method and can pray before Allah so that you can earn handsome gains.

Is there any Istikhara for Marriage?

Yes there is istikhara method for marriage also and it is the best way to take such an important decision of life. If you care considering someone for marriage then you can perform this method to learn that is this person will be suitable for marriage are not and you can also know about the success of your marriage with that person. Allah will let you know that whether you can marry that person air not. So for taking the perfect and best decision of life Istikhara for marriage is the best method. All types of questions related to your marriage can be answered with the help of this method. Prophet(peace be upon him) has taught the methods to perform Istikhara so you can follow then according to your needs. For any other information or to get any complete method of Istikhara you can contact us.


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